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How To Build Your Cash-Only Private Counseling Practice

The fundamentals we’ve observed and researched when it comes to building your cash-only private therapy practice.

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Psychotherapy Practice Names: Getting It Right In 5 Steps

Your therapy practice name will be the first information a potential new client learns about you. What should your name communicate to a client? In what areas do you specialize?

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6 Psychotherapy Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

You became a psychotherapist to help people in their time of need, not to spend all of your time on marketing. We understand that, and we hope to make it easier for you be being crystal clear about a number of mistakes we need psychotherapists make in their marketing.

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7 Marketing Strategies For Therapists In Private Practices

7 common strategies we’ve implemented or observed among our therapist clients successfully. Implement one or all to get more clients!

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