How Therapist.Marketing Builds Websites For New Clients

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Whether you’re one of our new clients or just a therapist who’s interested in the websites we build, our goal is to be as transparent as possible about the products we create.

Our goal is to craft authentic digital campaigns that connect therapists with the local community that needs their services. The websites we create reflect the process clients use when evaluating providers of therapy services so that when those in need come to your site, they feel at home.

Susan Marks, LCSW was one of our first clients. Her websites helps her help others.


Now that you’ve seen an example of our work, let’s discuss how we create the perfect website just for your practice.

Template Migration

We take the therapist website template you selected and move it to a personal domain. That’s where we build your draft website!

Initial Round of Edits

Your Account Manager will work with our Development Team to make an initial round of edits. That includes moving over the most important information like your email address, phone number, physical address, logo, and your other most essential information.

Content Implementation

Next, our Director of Content will add content to your website that will resonate extremely well with potential clients. We have a library filled with content that’s been proven to help new clients contact you. We’ll take the voice of what’s on your current site (and use some of it too if it works with our model!) and mix that with what’s in our content library to give your new site content that converts.

Design Review

Once your new content has been implemented across the site, our Creative Director will put your website through a rigorous design review. They’ll do a full test for responsiveness to ensure your website will work on desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile phones. They’ll also make sure the imagery across the site respresents your practice and location and that every page on your site is designed to convert website traffic into new clients.

Final Review

We’re almost there! We have a checklist of hundreds of items that need to be present on a website for it to be successful. While the Development Team, Content Director, and Creative Director all review this checklist when they’ve completed their review, your Account Manager will double check every item to ensure your website is fully optimized.

This is where we put the final polish on the first draft of your site before you see it.

Your First Draft Is Ready!

Now you’ll get your first chance to review your new site! You’ll have edits for us but that’s a good thing – we want the site to be as personalized to you and your practice as possible and super helpful for those seeking your support.

If you think the site is almost ready to go live, we would recommend at this point making that move sooner rather than waiting until it’s 100% ready. It’s far better to go live and make small adjustments there than to stall at this critical point!

After You Go Live

After your new website goes live, you have a lot to look forward to.

  • A better conversion rate (more clients contacting you from your website).
  • A lower bounce rate (less people coming and immediately leaving your website).
  • Google Analytics installation so you can monitor traffic.
  • Google Search Console connection so we can index your new web pages in Google as quickly as possible.
  • Constant behind-the-scenes website maintenance to keep your site safe and secure.
  • *A comprehensive therapist-specific search engine marketing campaign that will make your practice more visible in local search results.
  • *A monthly report detailing the traffic on your website as well as your search engine rankings.
  • Access to various other add-on services related to social media, advertising, retargeting, conversion optimization, and more!

*SEO is only included in specific packages.

You have a lot to look forward to when you allow us to become your marketing partner. Our clients let us focus on running their business online while they focus on helping people.

If you’d like to get started with a new website today, or just want to ask us a question, we’re all ears! Email us anytime.

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Joe Howard

Joe Howard

Joe is the Chief Operations Officer at Therapist.Marketing. He makes sure that client satisfaction is always 100% and loves to give therapy practices what they need to help people!


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